The pitfall in tree stump removal.

One of the biggest problems you can encounter with stump removal, is that the stump is not always fully removed. You usually only find out after the contractor has left.

There can be a few reasons for this, most of them quite obvious.
Here are a couple for example:
  • Sometimes it is not possible to remove the whole stump because of its position, i.e. close to a fence or perhaps it's in a raised area.
  • If there is uncertainty on the part of the contractor doing the job, of the location of gas or water pipes or telephone or other underground cables he will not go very deep for risk of hitting theses things. Stump machines will cut all of these things very easily and quickly, so it is best to standby the contractors judgement. If you have any doubts about this get an opinion from another contractor.
  • With large stumps there is lots and lots of wood chip and this can make it difficult to keep track of what you have worked on and what you haven't, with the result that a piece of the stump can be missed.
  • Some stump removers will only go just below ground level.

To avoid disappointment with your stump removal, it's best have an idea what you want to do with the area concerned and to let the contractor know that you wish to have the stump completely removed or partially removed as needed and ensure he understands what you need and want.