Tree removal permits

It has come to the stage now that before a tree can be removed we must now check with council to ensure that there are no restrictions placed on that particular tree.

We have to be careful as a company not to break the law as this will affect our dealings with council on other occasions, so please be aware that we will decline any request to remove a tree that requires a permit, if you don't have a current permit.

As for getting permits it depends which council you are with. For example, Booroondara has no cost associated with the application as yet and are quite prompt at addressing your permit, It has been done with in a few days.
Whereas in Maroondah council a permit cost $75 for 1 tree and $25 for each tree after that up to a cost of $200. It has taken 4 to 6 weeks for me to get a permit in Maroondah. Some species of trees in Maroondah however are exempt from a permit, and the particulars can be found on their website.

It is always best to contact your council to discuss your options as each differ so much in their regulations.